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About This Program

For some time, I have had deep feelings that we need to do more to honor our heritage. As a truth-loving movement that has grown considerably over the years, we have come far since our merger in 1945 when the United Pentecostal Church was formed.


Our history was written by men and women who made their marks on the walls of time in courage, commitment, sacrifice, suffering, bloodshed, sweat, and tears. They gave so much and in many cases had so little. They shaped and formed this fellowship in truth and righteousness. As time would have it, and generations come and go, it is possible that we may overlook our roots and the heritage that was so instrumental in bringing us to this present hour.


I would like for us to give honor to whom honor is due. As you know, our country gives honor to its war heroes. Those who have served in any branch of the military are appropriately provided with military honors and flag ceremonies at their passing. Ofttimes following these deaths, cities or towns build monuments that list those who have fallen in battle. In addition, there are soldiers buried in what is referred to as an unnamed grave known to all as the "Tomb of the Unknown Soldier." Our country even sets aside a day known as Memorial Day and uses flags to decorate the graves of those who have served. By acknowledging our own heroes of the faith (pioneers), who should be recognized not only for their great achievements but also fo their faithfulness, we will strengthen generations to come.


Each minister among us qualifies for special regard, to have his or her ministry and service brough into focus. And Christian brotherhood requires that no one be forgotten, overlooked, or set aside. Those who do not often appear in the limelight, or whose ministry is somewhat obscure, do not depend upon their rank or position to defind their self-worth. Be it known to all among us: "Every minister among us is as important as the greatest among us!"


So, I have asked that the "HONOROING OUR MINISTERS" Program be established. We hope that by giving honor to our roots and to the faithful pioneers of our past, and recognizing all among us who serve and fellowship with us, that we will strengthen and bless our future. Through this program, this present generation, too, will experience a sense of destiny and feel the appreciation the United Pentecostal Church has for them personally.


Kenneth F. Haney
General Superintendent
United Pentecostal Church International