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Minister of Comfort


The Minister of Comfort Program is designed to provide significant recognition to every minister, including ministers who have not been highly recognized. The program will assist in assuring a significant attendance at the memorial service, especially to those who have been retired and who could easily be forgotten.


Items associated with this program include:

Untitled Document

Certificate Template
Certificate of Honor from the General Superintendent
Memorial Drape
Casket drape.
Certificate Example
Example Certificate of Honor.
Honoring Our Ministers Flags at WEC
Image of flags flown at WEC.


 about this program
Each minister among us qualifies for special regard, to have his or her ministry and service brough into focus. And Christian brotherhood requires that no one be forgotten, overlooked, or set aside. Those who do not often appear in the limelight, or whose ministry is somewhat obscure, do not depend upon their rank or position to defind their self-worth...