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Order of the Faith

2002 Inductees


Cleveland M. Becton -

Born September 21, 1928, in Jackson, Tennessee, the second son of parents, James M. and Christine M. Becton. At the age of two our family moved to Little Rock, Arkansas, where my mother’s brother,...[more]

Stanley W. Chambers -

Of all the men of distinction that have been part of the United Pentecostal Church, the life of Stanley W. Chambers, perhaps more than any other person, most closely parallels its history and its ...[more]

James L. Kilgore -

It was on a pallet laid on the dirt floor of an auto mechanic’s garage…in the middle of the night…with the faint scent of gasoline and engine oil still lingering in the cool darkness…that a twelve...[more]

Robert L. McFarland -

Robert Lester McFarland was born in Akron, Ohio, September 23, 1923 to Lester and Ethel McFarland. At twelve years of age, he moved with his family to a farm in Lynn, Indiana, where he later assis...[more]

Paul Price -

Paul Price was born on February 14, 1922 at Brookhaven, Mississippi. Until he was about thirteen years old, he lived in Jackson and Rolling Fork.   At age twelve, he received the Holy G...[more]

Ralph V. Reynolds -

Ralph Vincent Reynolds began his ministry in 1936 by preaching in the schoolhouses, homes, and lumber camps of six communities during closing years of “The Great Depression”. The Sunday before he ...[more]

Nathaniel A. Urshan -

Nathaniel Andrew Urshan was born August 29, 1920, in St. Paul, Minnesota, to Andrew David and Mildred Hammergren Urshan. Brother Urshan lived in Chicago through most of his childhood and teen year...[more]


 about this program
Each minister among us qualifies for special regard, to have his or her ministry and service brough into focus. And Christian brotherhood requires that no one be forgotten, overlooked, or set aside. Those who do not often appear in the limelight, or whose ministry is somewhat obscure, do not depend upon their rank or position to defind their self-worth...